'Knowledge sets us free...' - Ursula K. Le Guinn


Remember the days when you would run to the mailbox every day for a favorite magazine or letter to arrive? Did you ever write in your calendar the day that your favorite musician was releasing a new album so that you would be the first at the record store to purchase it?

For quite some time, this is a feeling that I lost. As the digital age set in, it seemed that all of the instant gratification, numbed gratification. 

Until recently!

I've begun to use social networks differently. Through amazing podcasts, favorite writers and good friends, I have found beautiful online publications, outstanding musicians, writers, philosophers, scientists, ecologists, activists, photographers...the list goes on. Now, I can't wait for another episode of OnBeing and my recent discovery of Emergence Magazine makes me rethink the online community in a completely different way. It is an outstanding experience that could never be achieved via the print medium.

Welcome to my new blog. For so many years, I have only been sharing my music and words. Don't worry, they will still come, but with this blog I want to highlight those that inspire me, with the hope that you will also find something very special that will expand your mind, heart and soul.

Inspiration recommendations:

OnBeing with Krista Tippett: In conversation with author, Luis Alberto Urrea about borders, humanity and our duty as human beings. Stream here.

Emergence Magazine's second issue 'Wildness' features a beautiful photo essay by Bear Guerra about the Los Angeles River. Read and look here.  

From the introduction of the 'Wildness' issue: From stories of ancient forests, to legends of the feral winds that howl over mountains and the rivers that course through urban landscapes, the stories in this issue explore our most primal fears, our urge toward order and control, and the need to remember and listen to the wild within the world and within ourselves.

Enjoy and stay tuned!