Poetry, 'an open secret'

-Thomas Carlyle



The bears are sleeping

You must choose to do nothing




Crow calls.

Listen longer.

Hear the songbirds,

It is you I dream of.


When will the last of the rains fall?


The birds,

they must build their nests,

sing their calls.

Things take time.


If you give peace,

you will have peace.

If you give love,

you will get love.


If you spread happiness...



it is difficult.

To place one foot in front of the other,

and to remember:

No matter the destruction,

There will always be

someone, somewhere

who has planted flowers.


The Lightness of Being

This world is not made of straight lines or stillness.

Do you notice the sea water as it moves in and out carving the shore?


I stand, breathing.

The rose hips have dried, but still hang from the bush limbs.


I try not to step on the jellyfish,

for their sake.