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Where the mountain dips, is a place called the ‘Kettle.’ It is at this place where you first see the rain that travels from the west. When I was young, I thought that the rain started there from the springs that filled our reservoirs.  

We rarely went to the mountain - it was a place filled with rattlesnakes and bears. The lowlands, wet and unpredictable, could swallow you before you even knew that you stepped in a quagmire. Whether this is true, is still yet to be discovered. What a great word, quagmire….

As children, we kept to the fields and picked the berries that grew wild in the fence rows. It has always been the wild lands that have called to me and the wild spaces that bordered the cultivated fields - marking a different pasture or signifying the property line where our land ended and the neighbouring farm began.

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The fields taught me how to sing.

Wheat in the autumn and timothy in spring.

They know me, they’ve shown me,

run, run, run, 

oh that’s how they’ve grown me.

I won’t deny it,

I won’t despise it.

The sidewalks taught you how to think.

Step out either swim or sink.

Here, where your world, it begins.

And here, oh my dear

Where it may end.

I won’t deny it,

I won’t despise it.

I want to walk in the air of a mountain’s shadow.

The fields I run are grassy meadows…

I won’t deny it,

I won’t despise it


This collection of early recordings speaks to a time when I was living across the world in Australia and then made a sudden return to the United States. A summer at home on the farm and along the banks of the Juniata River led me to the New York City chapter of my life. 

For me, life is about observation and creation, constant evolution and seeking challenges to better myself as a musician, writer and person. It is about cherishing who and where you came from, but keeping awareness in the present and following your heart.

These songs were written in 2010 and 2011 and are a collection of the favourites from the first album, Mountain Fields (only available in CD format). The tracks were recorded in 2011 in a home studio in Melbourne, Australia and at Rough Magic Studios in Brooklyn, NY.

Re-released December 1, 2017

All songs written by Kendy Gable

Vocals & Guitar on Fields by Kendy Gable 

Guitar, Bass, Keys by David Kean 

Violin by Philip Healey & Jacq Mackinnon



Always, Somewhere, It is Morning

‘Always, somewhere, it is morning. That bright streak of dawn extending from the arctic to the antarctic, the glittering boundary between day and night on this whirling sphere of ours, is always there. Dawn is not an isolated event renewed every day. It is a continuous astronomical performance. 

...Wink at eternity, if you must, for winking is an involuntary human gesture - and you will not find the chance even in a lifetime to do much more than that about eternity - but whatever you do, keep both points of view firmly in mind; the eternal, and the timely one. They both exist, and they exist simultaneously. Combine them, or else you will understand very little of anything that is going on…’

-from Bedford Village by Hervey Allen

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Oh I see him walking by, 

I don’t know him, 

he doesn’t know my mind. 

We’ve all got our stories, 

our interests and our lines. 

Pockets filled with glories, 

secrets behind our eyes. 


Always, somewhere it’s morning. 

Someone’s rising with the dawn. 

Life and love without fair warning. 

Catch it all before it’s gone. 


The northern lights they’re shining. 

Have you seen the midnight sun? 

Outside a small, cliff city, 

take my hand and let’s run. 


Always, somewhere it’s morning. 

Someone’s rising with the dawn. 

Life and love without fair warning. 

Catch it all before it’s gone. 


Oh, my dear by the southern seas, 

your summer’s gone when mine’s arrived. 

Faded moon in my afternoon skies, 

on your side it is night. 


Always, somewhere it’s morning. 

Someone’s rising with the dawn. 

Life and love without fair warning. 

Catch it all before it’s gone.


Life twists and turns and lands you into places where you would never have expected. There are difficulties and challenges that weave their way into your story, but they are just a part of your story. Take everything as growth, cry if you must, howl at the moon if you must, but know that the earth continues her eastward rotation and that the end of every night, the sun rises and a new day begins.

These songs were written between 2010 and 2013.

Released on July 12, 2014

All songs written by Kendy Gable

Recorded and mixed by Andy Baldwin, Rola Pola Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Mastered by Brian Lele at Santa Cecilia Sound in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Vocals and Guitars - Kendy Gable 

Back-up Vocals and Piano - Caitlin Becker 

Upright Bass - Adam Chilenski 

Violin and Egg Shaker - Andy Baldwin 

Peddle Steel - Travis Rosenberg 

Trumpet - Josh Peck


The Knowledge of the north woods

Learn this from the waters, 

Listen to your own soul

You might follow others, but

Only you can find your way home.

Silence speaks. In the forest, there are places without the sounds of motors, sirens, and human voices. It is here where bird songs accompany the stories of the stones, the wisdom of the trees and the magic of where two rivers meet. If you sit in silence and give it time, you feel the words. 

The longer I live, the more I realise that there are places in this world that hold more wisdom and knowledge than others. I found reasoning in a river. Yes, here is a secret, I used to wade to a boulder in the middle of the river to make my decisions. It is the place where the Ten Mile River and the Delaware River converge and continue their journey together, far from where they began. 

I’ve always liked rivers for this reason. They remind me that there is always somewhere else to go and other people to see. We are not alone in this world, it is important to take care of one another and to take care of this earth that we inhabit. 

I believe that nature has all of the answers. We often forget that our life depends daily on her. She feeds us, nourishes us and grows us. 

This album was written between 2013 and 2016. The first songs were products of living in New York City and yearning for the air of the mountains, the open fields, the star-filled skies. My wish was fulfilled and the next two years were spent living in beautiful Sullivan County, New York. A place that I lovingly call, ‘The North Woods.’  Five of the songs on this album were written while living in Brooklyn and the other six came to life in the mountains. The yearnings that I felt in the city were met with new yearnings while living in the country. It seems that perhaps I am a wanderer, a dreamer, a seeker of the unknown. Yet, even a nomad finds nostalgia in places that she has visited and to the north woods, I bow my head. May the stories live on and the people that reside in that land continue to be forward thinking, yet rooted in the wisdom that is found in the natural beauty that fights to be preserved. 

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Let’s talk about an old time.

She arrived here, her accent, hard to define, what she said,

but he loved her even then.

He said my dear, what will it take?

She said I don’t need diamonds, nothing from a mine,

Away from this city for a different life.

I breathe fresh air, just fine.

And take me…


To apple trees

to where I can see,

their branches meet the skies.

Well I’m growing wild, and I am wanting…

To feel the clouds by my side.


There are greener pastures,

greener than the ones that I’m standing on.

Oh city, with your golden streets, oh how you try

to outshine the sun,

And the stars in the sky at night,

but I like to dance under moonlight.


Apple trees, oh take me

to where their branches meet the sky.

Well I’m growing wild, and I am wanting,

To feel the clouds by my side.


Released October 20, 2017

Album Credits:

All songs written by Kendy Gable 

Produced by Adam Chilenski 

Recorded by Josh Druckman at Outlier Inn Recording Studio in Woodridge, NY 

Mixed by Josh Druckman and Eber Pinheiro at Analogman Studio in Brooklyn, NY 

Mastered by Brian Lele at Santa Cecilia Sound in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Cover Photo by Brian Caiazza 

Design by Claudio Donzelli


Kendy Gable - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar 

Adam Chilenski - bass, guitar, keyboards 

Bram Kincheloe - drums, vocals, acoustic guitar (Identify the Trees) 

Kim Anderson - piano, vocals, and string arrangements (Learn This From the Waters & Western Skies) 

Josh Henderson - violin (Learn This From the Waters, Western Skies) violin and string arrangement (Agnes) 

Dov Manski - keyboards (Western Skies, Something About the Sky) 

RJ Miller - percussion (Luxton Lake) 

Jay Rodriguez - woodwinds (Luxton Lake, All I Need) 

Ryan Watson - lap steel (North Woods) 

Otis Lee Williams - organ (Cold Stones, Wolf Song)