Album Collection

From the beginning, it has always been my intention to write music that speaks from the depths of myself and my experience. Each album tells a different story about different feelings, places, people and ideas. You can visit each album’s individual page for more insight.


Songs from 2010 & 2011

This collection of early recordings speaks to a time when I was living across the world in Australia and then made a sudden return to the United States. A summer at home on the farm and along the banks of the Juniata River led me to the New York City chapter of my life. 

For me, life is about observation and creation, constant evolution and seeking challenges to better myself as a musician, writer and person. It is about cherishing who and where you came from, but keeping awareness in the present and following your heart


Always, Somewhere, It is Morning

Released July 12, 2014

Life twists and turns and lands you into places where you would never have expected. There are difficulties and challenges that weave their way into your story, but they are just a part of your story. Take everything as growth, cry if you must, howl at the moon if you must, but know that the earth continues her eastward rotation and that the end of every night, the sun rises and a new day begins.


The Knowledge of the North Woods

Released October 20, 2017

The first songs were products of living in New York City and yearning for the air of the mountains, the open fields, the star-filled skies. My wish was fulfilled and the next two years were spent living in beautiful Sullivan County, New York. A place that I lovingly call, ‘The North Woods.’ Five of the songs on this album were written while living in Brooklyn and the other six came to life in the mountains. The yearnings that I felt in the city were met with new yearnings while living in the country. It seems that perhaps I am a wanderer, a dreamer, a seeker of the unknown.